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Wacky London Wedding Venues to Make Your Guests Go Wow!

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Wacky London Wedding Venues to Make Your Guests Go Wow!

London is filled with beautiful wedding venues and some are just crazy! From the loveliest of pubs to yachts to zoos, there are some unique places you can get married in! If you’re up for something different on your big day, choose one of these wacky wedding venues in central London…

The Yacht London

Set sail for a night to remember! All aboard the Yacht London for your wedding day! It’s permanently moored for guests to come and go throughout the night and is decorated with art deco and nautical regalia. It has one hell of a view of London’s skyline situated on what’s known as ‘the Mayfair of the Thames’ and is split over three decks. The venue is also of course exclusive to you and your party.

The Yatch London

ZSL London Zoo

You read that right! You can get married in the London Zoo with the giraffes, monkeys and penguins. Why opt for the norm when you can have your reception in the Mappin Terrace as wallabies hop by, canapés at Penguin Beach and champagne in Tiger Territory? In all seriousness, as well as being an amazing and unique idea, ZSL London Zoo are great hosts for weddings and have a very flexible events space. Food is phenomenal and the whole wedding will be done really well.

ZSL London Zoo

The Counting House

Want to get married in a proper British pub but kind of what it to be a little fancy too? We introduce you to The Counting House. This Fullers pub is beautiful and a great location for a proper pub wedding. It’s right next to the Royal Exchange, has 15 bedrooms and was built in the 19th century.

The Counting House

The London Museum of Water and Steam

This one is very unique. You can hire the entire London Museum of Water and Steam from 4pm – 12 midnight, watch the Victorian engines run, wine and dine in the Grand Junction Engine House and all oror very reasonable prices.

London Museum of Water and Steam

Severndroog Castle

Yes, there is a castle in Greater London that you can get married in! This 18th century medieval inspired castle is the perfect venue for couples wanting an intimate celebration surrounded by beautiful woodland in a place filled with history. You also get a 360º view of London, a professional chef who has featured on the BBC and many different options when it comes to the package you choose. Severndroog Castle is a really wacky and wonderful venue right in the heart of London.

Castles London

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