Please find a list of frequently asked questions which we hope are helpful.

FAQs Couples Planning Their Wedding

Can I bring children?

Yes children are welcome (subject to any Covid-19 restrictions). Given this It is advisable to give us a call to check prior

Can I take photos at the wedding fair?

Please check with individual exhibitors regarding photography.

Is there a limit to how many guests I can being?

During normal times there isn’t a limit to the number of guest’s that can attend, however (during Covid) and to keep everyone safe whilst maintaining social distancing it is advisable to book online. Should you arrive without booking, with regret you may need to queue prior to admission.

Is there an admission fee?

No, there’s no need to pay, entry is free to all our wedding fairs.

What time does the fair close?

Most of our fairs close between 3pm and 4pm. Please look up the particular wedding fair if you’re unsure since times can vary.

Why visit a local wedding fair?

Local wedding fairs bring together leading local experts who are familiar with local wedding venues, churches etc. they’re often able to provide unique advice that you might not have considered.

Do we need to book and have tickets or can we turn up on the day?

Normally you can turn-up on the day, however in order to ensure that all our events are Covid-19 compliant and in order to keep everyone safe which is our top priority, we suggest that it is advisable to book online.

FAQS Exhibitors

Can I book a specific stand position?

At WedExUk we pride ourselves on locating all stands in prominent positions. It isn’t possible to book a specific slot however if you contact sales they will keep any specific requirements in mind

Can I leave or pack up early?

With regret packing-up early is not allowed, doing so can affect other exhibitors around you possibly losing them custom whilst pushing passed the public with boxes etc is a no-no!

Can I promote other companies on my stand?

With regret promoting other products and services which do not relate to your business is not allowed.

Can I resell my stand?

Stands my not be resold or shared without the permission of WedExUK

Do I need a table cloth?

Full set-up details can be viewed in your admin hub.

How will I know if I’ve been allocated a stand?

A booking confirmation will be emailed so please check SPAM

If I don’t turn-up do will I get a refund.

Remember booking a wedding fair is a business commitment just liking accepting a booking for a wedding. All balances must be paid four weeks prior to the event, should you not turn-up on the day both the deposit and the balance are non refundable.

Is electricity provided? Is there an extra charge?

There’s no charge for electricity which is provided.

Should I take out payment protection?

There's absolutely no need to take this out. It's purely a product that we're offering for peace of mind. Without it, should you not be able to attend a particular wedding fair and have to cancel a booking, our standard terms and conditions apply. Please read clause 3.

What happens if I cannot exhibit at the stand I’ve booked?

On the day, please visit your admin hub and contact the emergency number? Prior to the event please contact our sales department, they often have solutions that you might not have considered or been aware of. Note with regret four weeks prior the balance will be due.

What happens If I don’t pay the balance by the due date?

All stands with an outstanding payment 4 weeks prior are automatically offered for resale on our website (please see our terms and conditions when you booked). Note your deposit is non-refundable.

Why is there a charge for Payment/Deposit Protection

Refunding deposits is a very time consuming activity which isn't free of charge to WedEXUK. To cancel a booking involves a large amount of administration including setting up the payment refund. Often the bank or credit card company makes a small charge for handling refunds too. The extra fee helps to off-set some of these costs.

FAQs Wedding Venues

We’ve registered online what happens next?

Thank you for registering your venue with WedExUK, one of our project team will be in touch with you very soon.